Electronic Portfolio


As a professional in the education field, my teaching philosophy, while resolute, is one that

continues to evolve as I grow and have different experiences in the classroom. I strive to make a

positive influence in all of my students. When teaching, it is important to me that critical thinking

skills are developed for my students in order for them to have a successful life both inside and

outside the classroom.


I believe the environment a student is placed in is directly related to a student’s ability to learn.

Both physically and emotionally safe, the environment I provide for my students is created

through respect. Respect needs to be a two way street, which is equally shown by students to me

and by me to my students. I show respect to my students by always finding positive substance in

their responses, or by actively listening to their view on a subject. If an environment of mutual

respect is created then the classroom becomes less teacher-directed and more student-centered.

When a classroom is student-centered it enables the students to gain a sense of belonging and

develop higher self esteem. Both of which allow children to reach the level of self actualization that

is needed to be truly free to learn.