During the 2011- 2012 school year I was nominated by my principal and awarded "A Day Made Better" by Office Max. Below is the quote from my nomination.


"Mr. Krokos is an excellent second grade teacher! He has worked hard creating a positive learning environment

for his students encouraging them to do their best. He is extremely creative and he utilizes technology in many

of his lessons. He enjoys utilizing "hands-on" lessons through technology and use of the outdoor classrooms.

He is very talented in the arts as he draws pictures showing

various stories in reading class and he composes songs on

his guitar for the various stories the students read in class.

He utilizes the technology to by getting parents involved in

the classroom as parents sometimes were allowed to see

various activities by logging onto their computers. I highly

recommend Mr. Mark Krokos as the recipient of the 2011

A Day Made Better Award."


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