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September Project List

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Past Projects

First Day! 

After our first day frame pictures, the students completed a self portrait to hang on the hallway wall.

Click the link below for your child’s and  friends pictures, and be sure to click on the slideshow to the right!

First Day Frame Pictures

This week students worked on the letter Mm. They listened to the story The Magic Hat by Mem Fox. After the story they filled in a sentence about what animal the magic hat would turn them into, and then made their very own magic hats.

Check them out here!

The Magic Hat

Class Pet: Scooter

The students were all very excited to get an up close look at our class pet, Scooter!

They learned some turtle facts, such as, turtles can not come out of their shell and they are clod blooded. Also we read The Foolish Tortoise by Eric Carle

Speaking of turtles, check out for some great  games and activities!

Scooter is checking out Bridget’s work while she checks him out!

Fire Drill Practice

Students learned what a fire drill is and practiced going to our safe location outside.

Next they practiced following directions and drew their very own Sparky the fire dog.

Check for more great activities and fire safety information.

Looking good Benjamin!

Poetry Notebook and Book Box

Our Family

Students added their first poem to their Poetry Note Books!

Each Friday they will bring it home. Please have them read /sing it to you while they track their words. Sign and return the books on Monday so they can add their next poem.

They also received their first Book Box book, which does not need to be returned (See Instructions here.) Some students even stepped into the Spotlight to read!

Check them out here!

Students worked on a project to celebrate differences and talk about how special their family is.


What will you become Liam?

The students listened to a few first day of school books including, Kindergarten Rocks! by Katie Davis. After the story they created self portraits that are displayed in the hall so everyone can see just who Fairview’s newest students are! Click the link below to see them working.


Photo Slideshow: Kindergarten Rocks!


Listen On-line: Kindergarten Rocks Story

Kindergarten Rocks!

Great work Benjamin!

Nature Trail

We will walk the nature trail as much as we can this year to watch it change through the seasons. We will also have lessons on the trail and explore all it has to offer. For instance Skunk Cabbage!!


Be sure to check each month and listen to the students sing their calendar song!


Watch and listen here!



September Song

Students have been learning about kindness through stories of The Rainbow Fish. Then they painted for the first time and created a giant Rainbow Fish for our classroom.


Check out their work here!


Watch the original Rainbow Fish story again, and many other great stories at


Click Here For Rainbow Fish!

Rainbow Fish

Nice work Table 3!

I am...

Super job Samantha!

Students worked on letter identification, handwriting, punctuation, and completed a guided drawing to create a work of art all about them!


Check out their work here!



Students practiced their left and right hands so they know what is “Left at Home” and what comes “Right Back”. 


Just ask them “Do you know your left hand?” and they should be able to use their trick to tell you.


Check them out here!


Also be sure to check out Scratch Garden for some super silly learning songs that we will be using at school!


Left and Right Practice Song

Left Home, Right Back

Dylan is hard at work!