Class Schedules

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8:40 9:00 Unpack, Attendance, Lunch Count, Morning Boxes, Jobs

9:00 9:20 Morning Meeting

9:20 10:40 ELA -English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)

10:40 11:00 Snack

11:00 11:30 Comet Time

11:30 12:00 ELA -English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)

12:00 12:30 Recess

12:30 1:00 Math

1:00 1:30 Lunch

1:30 2:00 Math

2:00 2:45 Specials: Gym, Music, Library, and Art

2:45 3:15 Center Based Learning

3:15 3:25 Pack Up and Dismissal

Daily Routine


Homework is a special time for you and your child.  See what they can do! They will surprise you.  Make sure that you don't do your child's homework for them, but do guide them and let them discover the solutions for themselves.

English Language Arts:


1. Complete worksheet per directions: Quarter 3 Homework Instructions


2. Every night: Read a mini-book, have your child practice reading, and repeat! :)













Friday: Poetry Notebook (Please have your child practice reciting over the weekend, while tracking the words. Then sign and return on Monday.)




1. Complete Homework page which covers what we learned in class each day.


Other Ideas:(optional)


Print and practice these Alphabet Flash Cards to lean both letters and sounds that go along with Phonics Song 2 by KidsTv123.


Print and practice number flash cards. Student should be able to count, identify, and write each number. Use in a similar manner as the alphabet cards as to not overwhelm your child.


Read! Read! Read! Read as much as you can with your child. There are endless benefits of reading with your child. Besides bonding with you they are leaning how language works, inflection and tone, vocabulary, and a whole lot more.

Each week the class will complete a poem in their Poetry Notebooks. They will bring it home every Friday (or last day of the week). Be sure to read the poem over with your child. While they may or may not be able to read them independently, they will enjoy their time with you and you can watch them grow!


Be sure to sign and send it back on Monday!

Remember practice makes perfet! Create a Book Box with your child so they can store their mini-books and go back to read at anytime!


Instructions and label


How to use your books