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October Project List

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Past Projects

October is here!

It is starting to get spooky! Students created a fun ghost craft to help decorate our classroom.  Be sure to check out the great Halloween playlist on KidsTv123.

(Not so) Spooky Playlist


Fire Truck

Oh those Minions!! The family project has Minions taking over the school! If you didn’t get a chance to make yours be sure to send it in. Check back for  to the slideshow as other students bring their Minions in.

Minion Slideshow !

Gianna is working hard!

Big thanks to the Mountain Top Hose Co. 1 for coming out to talk about fire safety. Students were able to get up close to a fire and rescue truck. They also received a goody bag!

Back inside students wrote  sentences in their journals, and drew a fire truck!

Be sure to visit these sites as well.

Mountain Top Hose Co. 1



Family Project: Minions

Spookley and the 5 Little Pumpkins

Race for Education

Silly Sally

Great job everyone!

To celebrate the season students read Spookley the Square Pumpkin. We talked about how it is ok to be different than everyone else, and that everyone is special in there own way.

We also talked about facial expressions and then made our own square pumpkins with different expressions.

The students  also listened to the “5 Little Pumpkins” to get in to the spirit of the season. We reviewed characters and  facial expressions and how punctuation marks also show expression. They were able to choose whatever expressions they wanted for their pumpkins.

Pumpkins Slideshow

The Kindergartener’s participated in their first ever Race for Education. Big thanks to the PTA for the water and snacks. Everyone did a great job bringing back in their labels!

Fun was had by all. Check out the video below...

2017 - 2018 Race for Education

Pumpkin Diagram

Students talked about diagrams and how they are like picture maps. After reading about pumpkins they diagrammed the basic parts of a pumpkin by using real pumpkin parts! They also used beginning and final sounds to find the labels for the pumpkin parts.

Diagram Slideshow

Pete’s A Pizza

Students enjoyed the story Pete’s A Pizza by William Steig. They then made journal entry and an illustration to go along with it.

If they are ever bored or it is a rainy/snowy day this book makes for a great time if you act it out with them.

Remember to have your child read through their journal when it comes home and then send it back. Soon students will be adding their own words, and making more details to their illustrations.



Gianna and Anna having some messy fun! fun!

Ready to race!

Halloween Fun

Students celebrated Halloween with a Party and Parade….they even managed to squeeze in a little bit of journal writing!

Big thanks to the PTA and the Homeroom Parents for putting on a great party!

Halloween Slideshow



Samantha and I are twining it up for Halloween!

Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month song!


Watch and listen here!



October Song

Our focus this week was on the letter “Aa”. Students created an alligator project to go along with the story There’s An Alligator Under my Bed by Mercer Mayer.  Did an alligator make an surprise appearance at you house?

Check them out!

Alligator Slideshow

Enjoy the story again below.

There’s An Alligator Under My Bed


Nice job Kaydence!

Student worked with the letter Ss. They listened to, acted out, and created an illustration for the story Silly Sally by Audrey Wood.

They also worked on setting and main character.

Find out how she got to town here!