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Past Projects

Keep checking back to see updates on all the projects that the students work on throughout the year!

It is always Open House on the web! Be sure to check back on the previous month’s projects for some of the fun you may have missed.


November Project List

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A Tree Is Nice

Students listened to Janice May Udry’s A Tree Is Nice. They then created a tree with their painted palms, and were able to choose what season they wanted their tree to be in.

They also wrote the sentences “Do you like my tree?” and “My tree is in ______.”  by using the correct punctuation marks, words spacing, and word wall words.

Tree Slide Show

Ella is proud of her Summer tree!

Family Turkey Project

Check out everyone’s Family Turkey projects! Also see everyone in there turkey picture disguise.

See them here!


Mason is working hard on his apple for Open House

Acrostic Poem: FALL

After reading and discussing fall. Students created a poem all about the season. They also gathered leaves on a nature trail walk of the senses to turn their poem into a work of art!

Check out their work here!

The Mayflower

Students viewed a cruise ship, the Titanic, and the Mayflower to get an idea of how the sizes of ships have changed. Then they listened to the story The Pilgrim Cat by Carol Antoinette Peacock to learn about how difficult it was to come to the new world. After they reviewed diagrams and created one of the Mayflower.



Ryder is using his letter sounds to

identify parts of the Mayflower.

Apple Math

Students created an apple basket project to show what they know about their Math vocabulary. They compared to show more (greater) and less (fewer). They also used their new pre-addition skills to tell how many apples altogether.


Watch them here!



RJ is working hard and taking his time!

Open House

Thanks to all those who came but if you were unable to make it check out the videos above and the one below.


Open House Slideshow




Open house was a success!

Be sure to check back to listen to the students sing their October song and then it is on to December already!


Watch and listen here!



November Song

Squirrel Baskets

Students created a Squirrel basket by reading their color words. They also colored acorns 1-10. We have taked about “counting” and “numerical” order.

If they put there numbers in the right order at open house they get a treat!


Check them out!



Cole is making sure he is ready to go!

Show and Tell

Students earned OnTRACK and chose Show and Tell as their reward. They did a great job speaking in front of the class and also as good listeners.


Show and Tell




Great story Mia!

Students practiced Greater than, Less than, and Equal to with their alligators.


Gator Show


Check out this great game that we will be using as a center!



Abigail is working hard on her Gator!

Greater Gators