June Project List

Keep checking back to see updates on all the projects that the students work on throughout the year!


Past Projects

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Students reviewed their  math addition facts in a fun way with “sum” glasses! Each student was able to work outside and even wear their glasses for Math when they came back inside!


Sum Glasses Slideshow

Nature Trail Walks

This year we took advantage of our school’s awesome nature trail for various lessons. Also we tried to walk the nature each month and take notice of how it changed with our five senses.


Nature Trail Slideshow




Sum Glasses

When you are cool the sun always shines, right Kaydence?

This week students learned about what a Paleontologist does, and what dinosaur “bones” are really made of. They have come a long way since their first simple poem “R-E-D”!


Students acted as paleontologists and had to assemble their very own Tyrannosaurs Rex skeleton. Be sure to check out the  results of them trying to put the skeleton together with out a reference picture.


Dinosaur Puzzle Slideshow


Dinosaur Links:




Discovery Kids


I am a Paleontologist (Song)


Dinosaur Song

June Song

Be sure to check back and listen to the students sing their other month songs!


Watch and listen here!


We had some fun with our Butterflies before they were released on the nature trail! Students were able to get up close and personal


Our Butterflies




Hey guys there is something on your face!

Graduation Day

Students practiced very hard to perform for you. You should be proud of them for all the hard work they put into kindergarten this year. They have grown both physically and academically by leaps and bounds. They are all successes….best of luck in 1st grade everyone!



Graduation PowerPoint Download (Large File)


Graduation Intro Slideshow


Graduation Day Slideshow


Graduation Songs: Part I  Part II  Part III


Guess Who? Portrait Pictures






Great job everyone! Enjoy your summer and 1st grade! You did it!

Odyssey Of the Mind

A huge heart-felt “THANK YOU” to all the students, parents/guardians, Fairview PTA, faculty and staff for helping to make Fairview’s Odyssey of the Mind Club” a success!  Without everyone’s commitment, enthusiasm, interest and support, we couldn’t have pulled it off! 


We look forward to many more years of Odyssey of the Mind here at Fairview.

Click the link below to see the what my team did all year, and think about joining next year!


Odyssey of the Mind Slideshow

From start to finish!

For additional information regarding the Odyssey program, please visit the following sites:




Bonus Songs!


ABC Medley              Month Song        Days of the Week

Father’s Day

Blue Berries

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Grandpas, and Uncles that are helping raise these wonderful children! You are all the “coolest”


Father’s Day Slideshow

Kindergarten Memories

Students held an autograph session to sign their friend Memory Book.



We always work until the “berry end” of the year! Students created a blueberry project and wrote one last sentence about what they enjoyed the most this year!


Berry Slideshow